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Lauren & Joe | Sweethearts

July 25, 2015   |   filed in almost married
auren and Joe are awesome. They are so much fun and I loved spending the afternoon exploring Bells Rapids with them last weekend. From the dress, the shoes, even the picnic rug.. all perfectly Lauren and all totally fabulous! They light each other up and make each other giggle so easily. My cheeks ached from smiling by the end of their session. I am so excited about their upcoming wedding and cannot wait to capture the story of their day! I already know its going to be sensational!


Paulina & Costa | sweethearts

February 6, 2014   |   filed in almost married
nother highlight of my trip over east was to catch up with these 2 lovely people. They are getting married later in the year and it was great to meet them finally and spend the afternoon wandering around some of their favourite Sydney spots together. Paulina has the most beautiful sparky smile, loves to chat (like me) and is very organised. Costa is a real gentleman who seems to take delight in making Paulina smile. I cannot wait to come back and capture their wedding story in October!


Courtney & Matt | in love | preview

May 23, 2012   |   filed in almost married
hat a glorious afternoon... the perfect weather  to wander around the harbour with Courtney & Matt, capturing them together and hearing all about their love story, their lives and their wedding plans. We enjoyed the sunshine, played a little music and finished off with a quick drink..the perfect way to wind down on a wednesday. These 2 are getting married in November and I cannot wait for their wedding! They are sweet, fun and very in love. Enjoy this little preview of our lovely afternoon... xxx jk   

Anita & Drew | together | Killalea

April 27, 2012   |   filed in almost married
nita and Drew are genuinely lovely people. They have such warm and kind hearts. They have endured great sadness in recent months, but they have faced everything together and you can see that their love and relationship is stronger than ever. I am so excited for their wedding celebration in a few weeks! ..and look, I made a rainbow's magic:) xxx jk 

Carla & Cliff | in love | bondi

February 28, 2012   |   filed in almost married
hey met as new housemates when Cliff moved into the spare room at the house Carla lived in....and the rest, they say is history...;) These 2 have such a wonderful connection. To use their words..they bring out the best in each other. They are warm, funny, gorgeous, generous and totally in love. I loved listening to their funny banter and watching how easily make each other laugh. Cliff is Irish (I could listen to him talk ALL day long) and has a great sense of humour. Carla is Aussie, has amazing curls and a smile that lights up the world. Together they are perfect. I had such a great time wandering around Bondi with them.. enjoy this little preview of our afternoon together... xxx jk 
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