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relay for life | personal

September 21, 2011   |   filed in my life
his coming weekend I have signed up to participate in the relay for life, which is a 24 hour team walk to raise funds for the cancer council. I am not good at asking for help (actually I totally suck at it :)) but I am going out of my comfort zone hoping you could help me reach my sponsorship goal. Its a big one and the walk is only a few days away, so any small amount of change you have to spare, I would really appreciate it. This is a cause close to my heart and I am excited about actively participating in something with so many people for such a good cause. if you can, please  sponsor me  by clicking here..thank you!!!! xxxxx 

Vision Personal Training | personal

September 6, 2011   |   filed in my life
ife can be very pattern based. We get in a routine, settle into our comfort zone and as they say, soon enoughold habits are hard to break. About 12 weeks ago I decided I needed a change in my lifestyle. I had formed some terrible habits (drinking way too much coca cola and forgetting to eat food during the day definitely topped my list) and I missed the feeling of being fit and healthy that seemed like a distant memory from my pre-kids days. I think the hardest thing as a woman/mother/business owner is to find the time to put ourselves first..the mother guilt kicks in and the to-do list seems never ending.  So in my "quiet time" from wedding season, I decided to do something about it and break the terrible patterns I had formed in my life regarding my health and eating. I wanted to create some new "healthier" patterns, so I would be set up for when life got busy again. I knew I needed someone to help me..some guidance and support, along with education and structure. (and someone to yell at me as required :) ) and I didn't want a gym type situation where I was locked into a hefty contract or I felt really awkward showing up there.  So I did what I always do when I am looking for something..I googled it ;)..and up popped Vision personal training. I read about their Weightloss challenges.. 9 weeks of commitment..surely I could do that?!?. So I contacted them and went along..I felt instantly welcomed and encouraged. They are more like a family than a gym. No egos and lycra. Normal people learning to take better care of themselves and lead healthier lives. I have had so much personal success since joining up. I ran the sutherland to surf (11km)..and I ran the whole way (which is HUGE for me..I am not a runner!!! I have lost just over 10kgs and have never felt better..more energy, fitter, stronger and sleeping so much more soundly. And I feel happier.  It sounds kinda goofy, but I feel like I am finding myself again..the person I put aside, misplaced somewhere after I had kids and my business took more of my focus. Life is good and I owe a large part of that to my fab trainer Rachael and all the team at vision pt in wollongong. I have signed up for the next 9 week challenge..(I still have 10 kgs I want to loose) and I am excited to meet some new goals.  If it is something you are interested in,  check out the vision website as they are running a comp and there are some cool prizes on offer... 
I would share my before and after photos..but they are too horrifying for me to look at yet..LOL! xx jk 

making my heart happy | personal

August 1, 2011   |   filed in my life
As I get older I have worked out that I need to do the things to make my heart happy...which is what I call that feeling you get when your heart is full of joy and you are at peace. When I am happy, then everyone around me gets a better version of who is more loving & giving, more joyful & playful and one who wants to grow and explore and connect more. 
I have long thought happiness was found at the end of my long list of "if only's" and "when I get's.." like some magical pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.. but, without trying to sound like some spiritual weirdo, somewhere along my photography journey, I have actually taken a huge personal journey. I now realise happiness is just where you are. You just have to let go of the stuff you are hanging onto and free up your arms to embrace it. Ok, so I know that sounds kinda hippy lala.. but this past weekend I spent an amazing few days with a wonderful group pf photographers at a retreat in the kangaroo valley and it really enforced those feelings to me. Run by the amazing and talented trio of Christine Pobke, Samm Blake and Sheye Rosemeyer, the weekend was inspiring, uplifting, emotional and most of all, LOTS of fun! I am always trying to be a better "me" & a better photographer, and spending time with like minded people, creating, chatting and having fun makes me realise I am definitely on the right path to making my heart happy! xxx jk

relay for life

July 12, 2011   |   filed in my life
ately I have been working on breaking out of my comfort zone and exercising a LOT more to try to get fitter and healthier. I have started personal training with the lovely people at Vision pt in wollongong and I have never felt better,..I have so much more energy and I am sleeping a whole lot better too. And the scariest thing is I have started to RUN!!?! Before this I only ran if I was not very often ;)..but I am now in training for some local upcoming fun runs (that is such an oxymoron) and I am enjoying pushing myself in ways I haven't done before. The other thing I have decided to do is participate in the Cancer councils relay for life on the 24th September. I have joined a fun team and I am very excited about seeing how far I can walk in the 24 hours. I would be thrilled if you could sponsor me...  check out my donation page here...  any amount would be really appreciated. I normally wouldn't ask for help/money etc..but I am sure we all know someone affected by cancer and this is a truly worthy jk

home | personal

July 4, 2011   |   filed in my life
e are home from Fiji and had a great time. I took a stack of photos, did way to much lounging, drank too many cocktails, read lots of books and generally had a sensational time just being with my family. I have lots of things to share but it might take me a few days as we settle back into our normal routine and try to get back into the swing of things. For now, I'll leave you with one of my favourite pics from Fiji. It had been raining all day and the storm clouds seem to roll away just as the sun was setting, creating the most amazing orange glow across the sky. This image is pretty much straight out of camera.. enjoy! (it makes me miss the warm weather...and the cocktails!) xxx jk
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