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CHANGES | personal

June 24, 2012   |   filed in my life
his past month has certainly seen some changes in my life... Moving to the other side of the country is the biggest one. I have loved being back with my family after 5 months of Skype, quick visits and lots of time apart... Its funny how perfectly you fit back into your life, even when it is in a whole new location. This is my happy place..wherever my  husband and kiddos are is home. Leaving Wollongong has been hard (so many fabulous friends and memories) but I will be travelling back for lots of amazing weddings at the end of the year and into 2013 which makes my heart happy! I am excited for my new adventure here in Perth... meeting new couples, exploring new locations and growing my business again. New challenges and new inspiration surrounds me and the discomfort of uncertainty has sparked new life in me.. I know I am growing (personally and professionally) every time I get uncomfortable.. so I am trying to embrace that feeling rather than resist it. I have lots to share about my transition ..but I need to clear my head more before I can... and unpack some more boxes;) 
For now, I just wanted to reach out to say hi! and thank you to everyone who has supported me .. both through the years and especially during this transition period! I am beyond grateful for the amazing people I have in my life! 
And as every post is better with a picture... here is one of my Jack. Today is his 7th birthday and it is hard not to reflect who is is! He is sweet, gentle, kind, goofy, tall, football obsessed, and such a joy in my life. He is my buddy and will always be my baby (even though I expect he will be taller than me within a few years). He won't kiss me anymore but he still reaches out to hold my hand when we walk side by side. He gives amazing cuddles and has a whole face smile that makes his eyes disappear. He loves school and tries so hard at everything he does. He would kick a football for hours on end if he could. He has a rather humorous (and slightly annoying) way of narrating his everyday activities and loves to sing while he is in the bathroom. He is funny and fun to be around.. He is shy and awkward around adults but other kids seem drawn to him and he remembers everyones names. He loves Essendon, collecting football cards and tormenting his big (and shorter) sister... 
HAPPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY BUDDY! :) Life is better with you in it... xxx 

moving | personal

May 2, 2012   |   filed in my life
oday has been a little tough emotionally and I wanted to get my thoughts out. Not for pity or sympathy .. just to have them out of my head. I apologise if its jumbled..that's how my thoughts feels right now.. And  please feel free to skip reading this post and just look at the pretty pictures:) 
I am getting asked "how are you?" a lot lately, and to be honest, it's one of the hardest questions to answer. I have a mental battle as to whether they are asking out of politeness and just want to heard the generic "great", or if they really want to which case I struggle to find the right words to answer. I am looking forward with anticipation and excitement, happy to start my new adventure in the west. And at the same time, I am desperately sad about the life I am leaving behind, the friends, clients, and comfort in the familiarity of my surrounds. These past 4 months have been the toughest of my life so far. Being on one side of the country while my husband & kids are on the other is hard. Skype is amazing and it softens the dull ache of missing them and the loneliness of this big house for moments everyday, but then the quiet returns. I am so busy with work and weddings, for which I am ever SO grateful. I love LOVE and being surrounded by it every weekend (and reminded of it while I edit the images during the week) is one of the biggest joys of my life. I am grateful I get to live the life I love, taking photos, capturing precious memories and being included in so many people's special moments. I wouldn't trade that for anything. I only have 3 more weddings here in the east until I become a permanent resident of WA. On June 1 I am flying out of NSW and everything we own is following behind me in a huge shipping container. I will back back at the end of the year and into 2013 for more fabulous weddings and that makes me so happy that I get to visit regularly. 
My life kind of feels like a roller coaster right now. Moments of joy and exhilaration, mixed with clunky turns, uncertainty and feelings of nervousness and fear. Traveling back and forth is like flipping a coin... 2 sides..both good but different. Last week I was in Perth in shorts  playing at the beach with my kids, this week in Wollongong I am in ugg boots and raking up fallen leaves from my front lawn. The contrast of my life.. 
My kids are flourishing in perth ... and they are growing up so quickly.. I suppose you really notice the change when you don't see them everyday. Jack is so tall gangly and goofy. He loves football and being outside. He chats away to himself constantly, a running commentary on everything he does... which is both hilarious and kind of annoying. I am thinking the sunshine and western climate is good for his growth because he is almost at my chin height now. He turns 7 at the end of June and is now well and truly taller than his older sister. Lucy is loving WA too. She loves the beach, being outside, and all her new friends. She has settled so well ..I am in awe of how resilient she has been (being as emotional as her Mum). She is laughing more, trying new things, and not giving up on herself so easily..and I love that! I cannot wait to be back with these 2 everyday.. 
One of the hardest parts of moving is selling our home. I designed and built this home for us to grow in as a family. I planned to live here forever.. I built it for us, and it is totally ME. Within days of going on the market, we had found the perfect buyer and we have now sold our beautiful home to that lovely family, who I know will love it the way we have. Selling a house is not the most fun thing I have ever done, but I am so grateful for the guidance, support and help that Michael and Aimee at Dougmal real estate provided. With me being here and Brad being in perth, it made some things tough and they have handled everything with ease and calm..which I needed more than anything most of the time. They are awesome and I would highly recommend them to anyone selling their home.... thank you Michael & Aimee!  I have plans being drawn up for our new "old house" and I am excited to renovate, decorate and make it ours later this year. 
So I am fine, great, good...all those generic answers to the question "how are you?".. and I am a whole bunch of other things to. I am mostly grateful.  Grateful for my job, my family, my friends and clients. For their support, understanding, patience and concern. I am in limbo but looking for the silver lining every chance I get. I was thinking of having a farewell "party" but that felt kind of instead I'll be sending out a general invitation to come have a drink with me on the Friday 25th May. Let me know if you want to come along and I'll send you the details. Be warned, I will probably cry!  Enough of my rambling..I have work to do... xxx jk

Justin & Mary | together | Cabo, Mexico

February 16, 2012   |   filed in my life
Justin and Mary are photographers..very good & well known photographers.. and I have read their blog for years. I suppose your instinct when you meet some one with a "big" profile both in the photography world and on the inter webs, is to assume they are somehow "better" than you.. or that you might be not important enough for them to connect with. But not with these 2. I don't think I have ever met 2 more genuine,warm, sincere, and friendly people. They are so much fun... and they have such huge hearts with so much love for our industry and helping others succeed. They are interesting, but also interested. ..and I love that!! I had such a wonderful few days with them, sharing the experience of Cabo, laughing, dancing and been inspired by them. On our last night we headed to the beach (they took some head shots of me since I look different now with my short hair) but I took along my camera and snapped a few of them..both working the camera photographing my beautiful friend Lauren, and also of them together. You can see they have an amazing love built on friendship. They are constant cheerleaders for each other, always encouraging each other and totally in love. Being around them and watching them treat each other (and others) with so much kindness and tenderness was so heart warming.. I hope you enjoy this little selection of images that I feel captures them so well (their connection & Mary's rad dance moves) ..taken very quickly in the fading light.....Meet Justin & Mary... 

Starting a new school | Personal

February 6, 2012   |   filed in my life
ast friday I flew from Cabo, Mexico to LA. I then waited for 6 hours and then flew from LA to Sydney. Waited 2 hours and then flew from Sydney to Perth. By the time I touched down in perth it was sunday morning and I was exhausted. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was to see Brad and the kids. They seemed to have grown several inches since I had seen them 2 weeks ago.. and they all collected impressive tans (from many hours in our new pool) and had a golden happy glow about them. On wednesday I walked L&J to their new school to start a new chapter in their lives in the West. It was wonderful to see them so excited (although a little scared too) but willing to give it a go and open to the possibility. I am in awe of how resilient my children are. I wish I had half their courage and ability to work through something. I am a big believer that discomfort = growth. We have definitely all grown a LOT in the past few weeks with so many changes and challenges. I am so excited for them to settle into their new school, make new friends and explore their new environment. I am excited about my busy wedding season ahead. I am grateful for skype, phone calls and email. For airplanes and frequent flyer points. For amazingly supportive family, friends and clients. My life isn't what I would call "easy" right now but I am very grateful for  all of it and super excited for what lies ahead.. xxx jk 
p.s. Just in case you were wondering, I am still based in Wollongong until june 2012. I will be travelling back and forward between Perth and Wollongong between now and then to see my kiddos and hubby. After June, I will be based in Perth and flying back to Wollongong occasionally for weddings I have booked here at the end of the year.

MEXICO | what if conference

February 3, 2012   |   filed in my life
o last week was kind of crazy. I shot a wonderful wedding on saturday, came home, frantically packed, slept for 3 hours and then flew to Mexico for an amazing week of learning, growth and inspiration at the what if conference. I wish I had "better" words to explain how much this time in Mexico affected me both as a photographer and a business owner , but mostly as a person. It challenged me and made me more excited than ever to follow my heart and live my chase my bliss & build my own star. It opened my eyes to new possibilities and new perspectives and most of all, it introduced me to some amazing people who I now consider my friends. I loved being surrounded by fellow artist-preneurs who shared themselves, their journeys, failures and successes.. It was a truly amazing 4 days in a stunning location! If you are a creative looking to push your boundaries then I encourage you to check out the what if website ... they will be sharing the dates for the next one soon and I imagine it will fill up fast!! 
Funnily enough, I didn't take that many pictures while I was there..I dragged my camera across the globe because I wanted to capture the feel of the place but I knew I also wanted to step away from the camera and live in the moments that were happening around me for a change. So my camera only made it out of its bag a few times and now I regret I didn't photograph more of the faces around me. The ones you do see are my amazing old friend Lauren and my beautiful and inspiring new friends, Justin & Mary. Enjoy this little sampler of Cabo through my eyes... xx jk 
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