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Lauren & Mitch | Married | Goulburn

February 22, 2012   |   filed in random studio stuff
have been sharing a quick sneak peek of all the wonderful weddings I shoot on the night of the wedding for a long time now..and I love doing it and won't stop. I love that my couples get to see some images before they head off to their honeymoon & that they can share some of their joy with people who couldn't be there so soon after the wedding. But for a while, I have felt  it was also a little unfair to all the weddings too..So many images, fun details, connections and other experiences of the days goes unseen. So from now on, I will be sharing a quick preview the night of the wedding, and then a more comprehensive post of the day when they get back from the honeymoon. So first cab of the rank is the wonderful Lauren & Mitch married in Goulburn just over 2 weeks ago. 2 amazing people who are in love, totally dedicated to each others successes and making an amazing start to their lives together. I am in awe of what they have achieved together .. and so honoured that they invited me to be a part of their beautiful and FUN day! Thank you Lauren & Mitch! A big thank you also to Mike Robinson for being an amazing videographer, side kick and driving buddy! 

Butler Family | Wollongong

December 29, 2011   |   filed in random studio stuff
met up with this gorgeous little family recently and had a lovely time with them wandering around the bush and beach with them..exploring and playing and soaking up their beautiful connection..... It was a lovely way to spend my christmas eve afternoon..  xxx jk 

Change is good, right? | studio news

December 5, 2011   |   filed in random studio stuff
It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks as the rush of October and November weddings settle down into December and I try to play catch up with my workload. On top of that, my hubby has started work over in the western state and only comes home on weekends (and I am now totally in awe of single parents...!) . I am have been in a blissful sate of denial about our move to perth (if you missed my news, you can read about it here) but the last few days the reality is settling in and I have felt myself teeter on the edge of emotional wreck a few times. I am excited about our move and the adventure that lies before us.., but I am also really sad to be leaving Wollongong, relocating my business and starting all over again. I have been happy here..very happy... and I am sure I will be happy in perth too ...but that doesn't take the sting out of leaving, and the change that comes with it, away. 
Very soon I will be closing the studio doors and I will be relocating my business back to my home in Figtree until I move in June. I started my business in my home and so in some ways its nice to bring it home again before I sell up and move to the other side of the country! :) It will be easier to manage everything from one place (plus there is a fabulous business relocating to my premises and they need it sooner than later!) It will be sad to shut the studio doors ..I will be leaving a piece of my heart there (and a whole lot of paint too!) It has been a wonderful space that felt so much like me and gave me the opportunity to grow my business in ways I could never explain. I will miss my little space but I am sure she will treat her new owners very well! So after christmas, feel free to visit me at my home studio.. you will be very welcome (and we have plenty of chocolate here too!) xxx jk 
p.s. I am getting lots of questions about my availability for weddings in Wollongong. I am still very much available and will happily travel back for weddings (2012 is almost full though)! I have quite a few weddings already booked for the end of 2012 that I will be traveling back for so if your dates align with weddings I have already booked, then there is no additional travel fees. Otherwise, there is a small fee to cover my flight and car hire.. Contact the studio for more information or if you have any questions.. 


December 1, 2011   |   filed in random studio stuff
ooking through some files today, I came across some that made my heart I thought I would share. Katie. An amazing woman and a client I now consider a friend.... beautiful inside and out.  

Boston Family | Point Peron, WA

November 24, 2011   |   filed in random studio stuff
recently hopped on a jet plane and travelled west to visit with the lovely Shelly and photograph her and Howell's pre-wedding session,  and as an added bonus I got to meet her fabulous family and photograph them together too! Shelly is an amazing photographer and I was honoured (and a little petrified to be totally honest) that she asked to to capture such a special time in their lives. I cannot wait for their wedding in is going to be SOOO much fun!! I also cannot wait to share their pre-wedding session (think puppy dogs, balloons and beautiful sunlight) but I wanted to sneak this session up first. Shelly is so bubbly and full of life..she makes you smile just from being around her..and I can tell where she gets it from...her family is F.U.N!! My cheeks literally ached for hours after this session (and again while editing the images) ..they have such a wonderful way with each other..lots of laughter, silly faces, jumping, wet willies and a constant stream of hilarious banter that made me want to move in and live with their family! Thank you Boston Family for showing me your gorgeous "backyard" and for sharing yourselves with me so easily and openly. I loved every moment of our wander around the point and cannot wait to see you all again in march! xxxx jk 
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