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MEXICO | what if conference

February 3, 2012   |   filed in my life
o last week was kind of crazy. I shot a wonderful wedding on saturday, came home, frantically packed, slept for 3 hours and then flew to Mexico for an amazing week of learning, growth and inspiration at the what if conference. I wish I had "better" words to explain how much this time in Mexico affected me both as a photographer and a business owner , but mostly as a person. It challenged me and made me more excited than ever to follow my heart and live my chase my bliss & build my own star. It opened my eyes to new possibilities and new perspectives and most of all, it introduced me to some amazing people who I now consider my friends. I loved being surrounded by fellow artist-preneurs who shared themselves, their journeys, failures and successes.. It was a truly amazing 4 days in a stunning location! If you are a creative looking to push your boundaries then I encourage you to check out the what if website ... they will be sharing the dates for the next one soon and I imagine it will fill up fast!! 
Funnily enough, I didn't take that many pictures while I was there..I dragged my camera across the globe because I wanted to capture the feel of the place but I knew I also wanted to step away from the camera and live in the moments that were happening around me for a change. So my camera only made it out of its bag a few times and now I regret I didn't photograph more of the faces around me. The ones you do see are my amazing old friend Lauren and my beautiful and inspiring new friends, Justin & Mary. Enjoy this little sampler of Cabo through my eyes... xx jk