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Starting a new school | Personal

February 6, 2012   |   filed in my life
ast friday I flew from Cabo, Mexico to LA. I then waited for 6 hours and then flew from LA to Sydney. Waited 2 hours and then flew from Sydney to Perth. By the time I touched down in perth it was sunday morning and I was exhausted. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was to see Brad and the kids. They seemed to have grown several inches since I had seen them 2 weeks ago.. and they all collected impressive tans (from many hours in our new pool) and had a golden happy glow about them. On wednesday I walked L&J to their new school to start a new chapter in their lives in the West. It was wonderful to see them so excited (although a little scared too) but willing to give it a go and open to the possibility. I am in awe of how resilient my children are. I wish I had half their courage and ability to work through something. I am a big believer that discomfort = growth. We have definitely all grown a LOT in the past few weeks with so many changes and challenges. I am so excited for them to settle into their new school, make new friends and explore their new environment. I am excited about my busy wedding season ahead. I am grateful for skype, phone calls and email. For airplanes and frequent flyer points. For amazingly supportive family, friends and clients. My life isn't what I would call "easy" right now but I am very grateful for ¬†all of it and super excited for what lies ahead.. xxx jk 
p.s. Just in case you were wondering, I am still based in Wollongong until june 2012. I will be travelling back and forward between Perth and Wollongong between now and then to see my kiddos and hubby. After June, I will be based in Perth and flying back to Wollongong occasionally for weddings I have booked here at the end of the year.