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Justin & Mary | together | Cabo, Mexico

February 16, 2012   |   filed in my life
Justin and Mary are photographers..very good & well known photographers.. and I have read their blog for years. I suppose your instinct when you meet some one with a "big" profile both in the photography world and on the inter webs, is to assume they are somehow "better" than you.. or that you might be not important enough for them to connect with. But not with these 2. I don't think I have ever met 2 more genuine,warm, sincere, and friendly people. They are so much fun... and they have such huge hearts with so much love for our industry and helping others succeed. They are interesting, but also interested. ..and I love that!! I had such a wonderful few days with them, sharing the experience of Cabo, laughing, dancing and been inspired by them. On our last night we headed to the beach (they took some head shots of me since I look different now with my short hair) but I took along my camera and snapped a few of them..both working the camera photographing my beautiful friend Lauren, and also of them together. You can see they have an amazing love built on friendship. They are constant cheerleaders for each other, always encouraging each other and totally in love. Being around them and watching them treat each other (and others) with so much kindness and tenderness was so heart warming.. I hope you enjoy this little selection of images that I feel captures them so well (their connection & Mary's rad dance moves) ..taken very quickly in the fading light.....Meet Justin & Mary...