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Pandelus Family | Wollongong Harbour

March 15, 2012   |   filed in random studio stuff
have known this beautiful lady and her family since her son was a baby and it has been an honour to photograph them together over the past few years. They have such a sweet connection and are so much fun to be around. They are joyful, playful and a little bit goofy (which I LOVE!) ...and I love seeing I & B grow up and change every year. The highlight this year was seeing Karla and the amazing transformation she has undergone in the last year. She has lost a huge amount of weight and  looks sensational.. I am in awe of her and I am so inspired by her outlook on her health, her life and her family. She is truly amazing! I did a lot of laughing in this session..hopefully this little preview of images gives you a glimpse of how much fun this spunky family is.. thank you K&M for sharing yourselves and your gorgeous family with me.. xxx jk