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Justin & Mary are coming to sydney! | photography workshops

May 1, 2012   |   filed in random studio stuff
have followed their blog from way back when I first started my photography journey. I was in awe of how open and giving they were on their blog..both of themselves and the way they run their business. I poured through the pages and images of their blog, constantly being inspired, encouraged and very excited to grow & learn. So when I met them in person back in January at the what if conference in mexico, I must admit I was a little start struck for a moment. They were as humble, generous, sweet and open as they appeared on their blog.. and I loved spending 5 days with them..chatting, laughing, learning, sharing and experiencing the wow of "what if" . I was so excited when they decided to come to sydney and teach their walk through a wedding workshop. A chance to see how they do what they do on a wedding day from start to amazing opportunity to learn and get a new perspective. They make a fabulous team, they are sensational photographers with a real passion for sharing and lifting our profession and I am excited to be attending their workshop in a few weeks... If you would like to come too, check it out all the details and how to book in HERE....and feel free to use my special code, janinekaye25 to get 25% off !!!