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CHANGES | personal

June 24, 2012   |   filed in my life
his past month has certainly seen some changes in my life... Moving to the other side of the country is the biggest one. I have loved being back with my family after 5 months of Skype, quick visits and lots of time apart... Its funny how perfectly you fit back into your life, even when it is in a whole new location. This is my happy place..wherever my ┬áhusband and kiddos are is home. Leaving Wollongong has been hard (so many fabulous friends and memories) but I will be travelling back for lots of amazing weddings at the end of the year and into 2013 which makes my heart happy! I am excited for my new adventure here in Perth... meeting new couples, exploring new locations and growing my business again. New challenges and new inspiration surrounds me and the discomfort of uncertainty has sparked new life in me.. I know I am growing (personally and professionally) every time I get uncomfortable.. so I am trying to embrace that feeling rather than resist it. I have lots to share about my transition ..but I need to clear my head more before I can... and unpack some more boxes;) 
For now, I just wanted to reach out to say hi! and thank you to everyone who has supported me .. both through the years and especially during this transition period! I am beyond grateful for the amazing people I have in my life! 
And as every post is better with a picture... here is one of my Jack. Today is his 7th birthday and it is hard not to reflect who is is! He is sweet, gentle, kind, goofy, tall, football obsessed, and such a joy in my life. He is my buddy and will always be my baby (even though I expect he will be taller than me within a few years). He won't kiss me anymore but he still reaches out to hold my hand when we walk side by side. He gives amazing cuddles and has a whole face smile that makes his eyes disappear. He loves school and tries so hard at everything he does. He would kick a football for hours on end if he could. He has a rather humorous (and slightly annoying) way of narrating his everyday activities and loves to sing while he is in the bathroom. He is funny and fun to be around.. He is shy and awkward around adults but other kids seem drawn to him and he remembers everyones names. He loves Essendon, collecting football cards and tormenting his big (and shorter) sister... 
HAPPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY BUDDY! :) Life is better with you in it... xxx