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Behind the scenes | Studio News & personal stuff

September 4, 2012   |   filed in my life
am here still ..I promise! I have been busy with life and it has been hard to find time to blog! 
I have been meeting lots of wonderful new WA couples to chat about their weddings and booking lots of fabulous weddings here for next year. One of the biggest decisions I have made regarding my business relocation here in WA is to limit the number of weddings I take on. I pride myself on personal service and awesome client care and to ensure that continues I will be limiting my wedding bookings to 20 per year to ensure all my clients get the best of care and of my creative energy! One of the other decisions I made with my relocation was that it was time for a brand "freshen up" .. My new look is done but my website still is being built so I can't reveal too much just yet.... but here's a little hint of whats to come.... There is still LOTS of colour of course:) 
On a personal level, I have been busy being mum to my kiddos again. Being separated for 6 months at the beginning of the year was tough so it is great to be here and soaking them up. They are SO much fun and they are really loving their new environment..especially their new school. There is always something happening..this week was book week so we had to get creative with some costumes... 
As you can see Jack is now a giant.. LOL! He has just turned 7 and towers over his almost 9 year old sister. They are both doing so well at their new school and making heaps of new friends. I am completely in awe of their resilience and their openness to our new adventure. In some ways, I wish I was more like them....:) 
The other big thing in our lives is that we are in the midst of designing our new home. We bought a fabulous old house in the northern suburbs of Perth but we totally underestimated the costs of renovating here in the west!! After a few quotes, and several stiff drinks (!!) we have decided to knock our old place down and build a shiny new place. We are in the designing phase where my dreams and our budget are sure to clash. I have been Pinterest-ing up a storm and decorating it in my head. It takes a long time (by my east coast standards) to build a home here..mostly because they are made totally of brick and concrete, but also because its a boom town and builders are hard to come by. We are hoping to start early next year and be back in before next christmas ..but I think I might be dreaming ...:) 
My wedding season has started and I have 10 wonderful weddings to travel back to Wollongong for in the next few months, along with one in Daydream Island!! I am so excited for all my upcoming weddings and soon there will be lots of beautiful couples & their amazing wedding days to share here.... xxx jk