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Welcome to the new look Janine Kaye photography

December 21, 2012   |   filed in random studio stuff
t has been a long time coming.. months of collecting things that inspire me, a bazillion hours of thinking and more time than expected for the designers..and now I am beyond excited to share the new look for Janine Kaye photography. When we relocated our family (and my business) to Perth this year, I wanted to give my little business a freshen up..something simple, fun, colourful and more "me". I could not rave more about the amazingly talented people I chose to help me with this adventure.  
My logo and branding was a result of the creative genius of Eva and the ladies at The Thoughtful Type. They happily devoured my random items on my pinterest boards and came up with a look that exceeded my expectations but was everything I wanted but couldn't articulate in words. I literally did a girly squeal of delight when they sent though my first design concepts, and everything they have designed since then has been perfectly beautiful..and perfectly "me"!  
My fabulous new blogsite is the brainchild of Brock and his awesome team at Infinet Design. I asked for simple, fresh, fun with pops of colour...and I got all that and more. I love all the little details, the gorgeous quote, the ease of navigation and the splattering of confetti! They took my badly worded brief and bought it to life with a flourish! 
I cannot thank these two teams of amazing creatives enough. They put up with all my flights of fancy, what if's and how do I do's with such ease. Their patience, creativity, support and attention to detail was astounding.  
I also wanted to thank all my amazing couples who entrust me to capture their wedding stories. Because of their trust & friendship, I am honoured that I get to fill this site with their gorgeous faces and details. This feels so much like my home now.. and I am so thrilled to share it with the world.  
Feel free to have a poke around.. feedback, spelling mistake finding and constructive criticism welcome.