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January 1, 2013   |   filed in 5 moments
ew Years day.. a day for reflection on the year that has passed and hope for what the future holds. I must admit that I don't usually do a whole lot of either on new years eve, but this year I did. SO much has happened for me personally and professionally in 2012. My husband getting a job in WA, being apart from my family for 6 months at the start of the year, selling my dream home, moving to be with my family to the other side of the country and a crazy travel schedule back and forth to NSW to fulfil my commitments to all my amazing Wollongong couples. It was a CRAZY busy year and I am so grateful for the support and encouragement I received from my family, friends and clients.  
Looking forward to what 2013 holds, I cannot help but be excited about the new challenges of establishing my business in Perth, spending more quality time with my family, making new friends and capturing lots of amazing couples on their wedding days.. both here and back in NSW. Having a fresh new look for the business makes me happy and I am honoured that so many WA couples have already placed their trust in me to capture their wedding stories in the coming year and beyond. Personally I have set myself some small goals and big goals for the year. I am on a mission to get fitter and stronger, to enjoy my life and to be caring to myself so I can be the best version of me for the ones I love. I completed my first triathlon in mid december and have already signed up for about 6 more in the coming months. I have signed up for a triathlon training course that goes for 12 weeks and I am excited to learn how to ride, swim and run better!  
I have also resolved that I want to document my life more..the everyday moments that I missed when I was miles away from my family. The moments that seem easily remembered but fade so quickly with the passing of time. So I am going to photograph my life on a daily basis. 5 moments a day. The little things that happen that make us who we are. Something to look back on and be grateful for who we are and what we have, and the life we have lived. I hope to share them regularly and hopefully they will inspire both me (and you) to cherish the moments in the ordinary that make my life extraordinary! I am planning on using all B&W images because it is kind of out of the ordinary for me which I thought was fun! Thanks for sharing this adventure with me and most of all.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!  

1- my new years resolution. I printed it out and pinned it to the wall so I could remind myself every day. I have lost 10kgs since moving here in june and although I need to loose more, my main focus is on feeling fit and strong... mentally and physically!  
2- everyone is lethargic today. It is hot and we are all tired from our 4km run in the 39 degree last night and a late night with friends celebrating the end of a crazy year!  
3- Hanging out. Lucy loves to write stories and our new kitten Alli loves to sit in the window watching the world walk by! 
4- this guy is not happy with me about the arrival of Alli. He is avoiding making eye contact with me at all costs:) 
5- Jack is OBSESSED with cricket right now. The Michael Clarke cricket set he got for christmas has encouraged this further and he is always bugging us to bowl to him.