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February 6, 2013   |   filed in my life
ne of the best things about where we live now is how close we are to the beach!! Trigg beach is just a walk away and it is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen (minus the sharks of course:)) The kids love the beach so for christmas they got surfboards and surf lessons to encourage some more beach visitation:) About a week before there lessons began, they were eager to try out the boards so we took a trip to the beach. Sadly we didn't take into account the choppy conditions so they ended up "boogie boarding" more than surfing. With just 4 days of awesome SurfGroms lessons with the fabulous instructors at Surfing WA, they were standing up, doing some basic tricks and loving every second of it! It made me almost want to have a try myself...almost:) 

NB: the last lot of photos were taken with my trusty iPhone.. I was too lazy to lug my big camera to the beach:)