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1 month to go | personal challenge

April 12, 2013   |   filed in my life
t this time in exactly one month, I will be standing on the start line of the Busselton Half Ironman about to swim a 1.9k swim as part of a team. Wetsuit clad people all huddled together, with nervous energy flickering around us. Chatter and sighing, lots of noise and nervous energy. Arms and legs stretching and bending, trying to focus on why lies ahead and straining to hear the sound of the starters voice over the beat of your heart. The thought of that both terrifies me and excites me. I am looking forward to the challenge in so many ways.. and a little nervy about the distance, swimming competitively and setting a good time for the 2 people to follow (Dean, our awesome cyclist friend will tackle the 90k ride and my spunky hubby Brad is finishing off with the 21k run). I am so excited about going down there, watching the elite athletes compete, soaking up the atmosphere and surrounding myself with the positive energy that I feel at every triathlon I compete in. The determination and dedication of each and every athlete is awe inspiring.  
One of the best personal results of my training and competing (apart from the 23kg weight loss, which is awesome all on it's own :) ) is the life lessons I am learning and sharing with my kids. I don't compete to win, I participate to challenge myself. I don't care if I come first, last or somewhere in between. I focus on my times and improving them each and every race. I celebrate my increasing fitness and technique, and I feel proud because I am winning by beating myself (and everyone else who is still home in bed:)) I am loving sharing this journey with my hubby and kids because it is teaching my kids that anything is possible if you work hard, practice and have faith in yourself.  
It has been almost 4 months since I did my first "little" triathlon and while I don't expect I will ever get the place where I would tackle a 1/2 ironman on my own, I suppose the one thing I have learnt so far, is never say never;) I often reflect on my journey since moving to WA only 10 months ago. I miss Wollongong terribly..the familiarity and most of all friends. But I am loving life here in the West. I have had the best time exploring new places, trying new things and challenging myself with new fitness goals. I am meeting so many amazing couples who are trusting me to document their wedding stories (which will always be my one true love) and I am loving the new locations I get to photograph, talented vendors to work with, and gorgeous WA light:)  
So in one months time, I'll be a few minutes into a 1.9k swim. Tangled up with bodies trying to find my place in the water. Bobbing along with the waves. Talking to myself to calm breathing and my beating heart. Focussing on finding a rhythm to swim to by singing songs in my head. And I expect that will happen all with a huge smile on my face. Because Life is Good.